Adaptive Sports Foundation

Winter “Learn-To” Weekend

Learn to Ski and Snowboard event presented by NNN Pro Group

January 5-8, 2017








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The objective of the family weekends is to teach the entire family a sport they can continue to do together after their return home. In addition to the difficulties of living with an amputation, multiple amputations or other serious injuries on an individual level, a veteran’s family is also deeply affected by the demands of the injury. A secondary goal of these events is to allow the wounded warriors to spend quality rehabilitative time with their families. Participants are encouraged to bring their spouses and children (over the age of 5) with the goal of the event to be the inclusion of the disabled troops back into family activities. All scheduled activities are family friendly.  For more information please contact Caroline Lynch at / 518-734-5070.

For wounded warriors interested in attending the 2017 event:

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*NOTE– This event is open to individuals within driving distance to Windham, New York.  It is also a large event with over 200 people.  If you are uncomfortable in crowds, this may not be the event for you.

Click here for highlights of the 2016 Wounded Warrior Learn to ski and snowboard event