Adaptive Sports Foundation

A little help from South America

Daggo Mellado, a young man from Chili who worked for Windham Mountain Resort on his summer break, spent a good bit of the winter working D lift, a popular lift for ASF students.  Dagga was so moved by ASF students and their instructors that he wrote us this note.

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Hi! My name is Daggo Mellado, I’m from Chile and I worked as a lift operator at Windham Mountain this past season. I was assigned to D-Lift loading the chairs. I just want to say thank you for what the Adaptive Sports Foundation does. What your volunteer instructors do is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Every single time ASF instructors were there with a sit ski or with little kids I was crying on the inside. All the volunteer instructors do an amazing job and they made my season become even better than it was. The Adaptive Sports Foundation and your amazing volunteers are one of the reasons I’m coming back to Windham mountain next year as a liftie just to keep helping make the adaptive instructor’s job easier, more funny (cause I was dancing and jumping around with music), and safer at least in getting people on the chair. I hope this mail gets to all the adaptive instructors that I met this winter because I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. I would really love to become an adaptive instructor next year and become part of the ASF’s awesome team. 

Thanks for everything once again.

Daggo Mellado