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Moving together apart – Adaptive Virtual Fitness programs

The ASF’s Move Together Apart program takes our mission of empowering lives through adaptive sports off the slopes, golf courses and biking trails and into the homes of our constituency.


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ASF Race Team – Virtual Workouts
The Adaptive Sports Foundation’s Race Team is a close knit group that have spent years training,
competing and supporting each other.  When the pandemic hit and required everyone to quarantine, ASF Race Team members and coaches were forced to cut their snowsports season short. However, within a couple weeks, the team organized thanks to the efforts of volunteer coaches Mary, Sandy and Sadie, a virtual weekly Zoom workout.  In addition to the weekly workouts, the team also competed in the Special Olympics of New York Sports (SONY) Season at Home Fitness Competition of Champions.


Check out ASF Race Team member, Zach Elder’s thoughts on Virtual Training during the pandemic.

ASF’s Moving together apart – 6 week program
Building on the success of the ASF Race Team’s virtual workouts, the team at the ASF is currently seeking funding and working on developing the ASF “Move Together Apart” virtual adaptive fitness program.

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Program outline:
Designed by a credentialed adaptive sport educator, the program consists of 4 six week consecutively building sessions that will occur 4 times a year.  Each 6-week session will have a focus in addition to core fitness activities, on sports specific to seasonal sports the participants maybe engaging in (i.e.:  skiing or cycling, etc.).  Each week, there will be 2 live Zoom classes lead by the program’s head trainer & host, “homework” assignments which will be activities that can be done at home or outside in their neighborhoods, and two 1-minute encouragement videos per week from the program’s host.