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The Quick Check Pocket Guide: Managing Behavior for Success on the Slopes



Currently 3% of the US population has some type of cognitive disability or challenge. Teaching a student with any cognitive disability can, at first assignment, present a daunting task for a snowsports instructor without the background or training to understand the disorder or how to deal with the behavioral issues that may arise. As a result of the increase in numbers of children with cognitive challenges, especially autism spectrum disorders, mainstream snowsports schools are teaching record numbers of students with special needs. The encouraging fact is that more and more parents understand that physical activity is crucial for their child’s good health and are placing their children with cognitive disabilities in classes to learn to ski or snowboard.

The Quick Check Pocket Guide offers everyone involved in this process practical and effective approaches to helping children with special needs solve the many puzzles of learning a snowsport in an unfamiliar environment. It has many valuable tips for parents trying to make decisions about their child’s snowsports experience.

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