Adaptive Sports Foundation

Disable the Label & The Nerds

On Saturday, January 12, 2019 the Adaptive Sports Foundation will shine a spotlight on the abilities of our athletes by having fun activities on and off the snow all day at Windham Mountain Resort.  There will be races, raffles, games, and music!  

The Race4All
The Race4All, sponsored by the Dralla Foundation, promotes inclusionary activities for athletes with disabilities and showcases the ability of members of the ASF race team to the able-bodied community at Windham. The race pits teams of three athletes, one ASF race team member and two Windham Race Factory U10 racers, against each other on a dual course.  The Dralla Foundation of Rockaway, NJ funds this yearly race and there is no cost to participants.


The day will end on a high note with a apres´ski party presented by ASF and Windham Mountain Resort in Seasons featuring the favorite cover band, the Nerds!  The apres’ ski party is free and open to the public.