Adaptive Sports Foundation


Meet Zach Elder, “the Big Dog”


 “We are so thankful for all that the ASF has done for our son, Patrick.  The program and volunteers are wonderful and dedicated angels.  When Patrick was 5 months old, we were told that as a result of a stroke, a large part of his brain was damaged.  We were told that he may never walk and would never run.   Watching him snowboard is an inspiration to me.  Thank you for being part of what I truly feel is a miracle!”

Christy & Joseph DeCrescenzo, parents of a participant 


“I want to thank the Adaptive Sports Foundation for all that you have done to make Shannon’s experience fantastic.  She is so happy to be part of your organization as a volunteer.  As a parent I am so proud to see how these past two years with your program have changed her life.  She has developed a passion for working with each athlete and she is looking forward to continuing her volunteer work while she is in college next year.  We are so grateful for all the lives you have positively affected.  God Bless”

Janet Corcoran, parent of a volunteer instructor




“Our daughter, Ashley, had an amazing time skiing.  Without exaggeration, it was one of the most wonderful experiences of her young life.  Ashley has continued to emote about it to us all the way home and the next morning at school.  In the on-going adventure and search to bring health and enrichment to our daughter we have been fortunate to come across an impressive array of professionals and organizations whose mission is to serve children like Ashley.  It is with great appreciation and wonder that I tell you that few, if any, match the overall professionalism, compassion and impact of what you all do at the Adaptive Sports Foundation. ”

Bill Wolf, parent of a participant


“I want to say thank you for the Adaptive Sports Foundation.  I was more than happy with my skiing experience.  The program was run extremely well.  I came with trepidation and fear.  I left with confidence and the memories of an amazing experience.  The instruction was perfect and I was personally challenged to my maximum.”

Louise Cassella, participant 




“I want to express a big THANK YOU to the Adaptive Sports Foundation.  I had an excellent time with my family at the lake this past weekend.  It was indeed an honor to see how unified, organized, and such a blessing your volunteers and staff are to every veteran including myself.  We were all able to do all the activities despite our injuries.  We all had an extremely fun time.”

Althea Blackwood, Wounded Warrior participant

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