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The ASF’s Warriors in Motion (WIM) program provides participating Wounded Warriors with a basic knowledge and practice of wellness and the importance of lifelong healthful living.  Participants learn through interactive and experiential environments and explore all aspects of wellness and human performance. Warriors engage through sports, outdoor activity, and recreation, and investigate how the physical self is tied to the emotional/psychological self, and how state-of-mind can affect the physical body. Participants are acquainted with such topics as healthy behavior change, stress management, mental health, nutrition and weight management, and physical fitness and activity. In all aspects of the program, emphasis is placed on decision-making and personal responsibility for one’s own health. Participants in all programs have the opportunity for supervised practical experience mentoring and teaching in ASF programs and are encouraged to attend an instructor training course and to volunteer as instructors. All Warriors in Motion programs are goal oriented and empower the warrior to take charge of his or her own fitness and wellness.

WIM Programs are organized into three types:

Signature Events
Summer Programs
Winter Programs