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Why Donate?


The Adaptive Sports Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, is very thankful to have the opportunity to give ASF students and participants the chance to learn how to ski, snowboard, kayak, skateboard and more, no matter their ability. 

Because of our donors’ generosity, the ASF has been able to provide our students much more than an outdoor adventure and physical health benefits, but these funds also give participants confidence, experience, desire, memories and so much more.

Every dollar we raise helps us put skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. After adding up all of the expenses it takes to maintain a ski lodge, maintain and purchase updated equipment, purchase daily passes to ski Windham Mountain, buy food for daily lunches, etc., the actual cost to provide a full lesson to a student would be $600. However, the ASF only charges $130 per student. Donations, both small and large, help to cover the difference and keep the students’ costs low. 

Through participation in ASF programs, many individuals experience, in some cases for the first time in their lives, that they have a new identity which is associated with a sport and not their disability. Because of you, we are able to provide this for our students.

Please help us continue to provide programs for our students. Your impact begins with your donation and supports us in the present and in the future. You are the core reason as to why we are able to share our passion for our students and give them the experiences that the ASF is able to provide, and we are very grateful for you.

There are several ways to donate to the ASF! Click here to see what way best fits you!


Take a few minutes to watch this message from Vince Passione, Chairman of the ASF Board of Trustees.