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2022-23 Volunteer Paperwork & Forms

Links to 2022-2023 Volunteer Forms and Paperwork

You MUST complete forms 1 through 6 besides entering in your schedule agreement in the ASF Volunteer Portal.  If you have questions, please contact Ginny at

  1. Move United Release Document – LINK
  2. Move United Media Release Document – LINK
  3. ASF Safety Quiz – LINK
  4. ASF Volunteer Handbook
    1. Handbook to read – LINK
    2. ASF Handbook Acknowledgment Form – LINK
  5. Season Pass/ID Forms – LINK
  6. Binding Check Coupon – Available in person from Ginny at the ASF Lodge
  7. WM Seasonal Programs Form – Deadline to sign up has passed.  Contact John if you are in need of this.


Scheduling Agreement Directions

  1. Choose what commitment you wish volunteer here at ASF

TYPE 1 – Homecoming Meeting plus on snow/virtual training and 14 or more days of volunteering/instruction

-You will receive a season pass for yourself and discounted season passes for your dependents (or eight additional vouchers if you do not have any dependents receiving a season pass).

TYPE 2 – Homecoming Meeting plus on snow/virtual training and 8-13 days of volunteering/instruction 

-You will receive a ticket for the days in which you are volunteering and up 8 additional lift tickets to be used this season (Red Day/Green Day restrictions may apply)

NOTE: On snow/virtual training requirements
2-3 years volunteering, 3 ATS + 3 DTS training days/modules
4+ years volunteering, 2 ATS + 2 DTS training days/modules
8 Year Addendum: If you have eight to more years experience and would prefer to teach more and train less, you have the option to teach two extra days and train two fewer days.

  1. Log in to the ASF Volunteer Portal –

-Your user name is your email
-Your password you created
-Forgot your password, contact Ginny, Russ or John to reset it

  1. Choose the tab called CALENDAR (the last tab along the top)

-Click on the day you wish to volunteer. Next, choose the Job Role you wish to be assigned to: ie. Instructor, Race Coach, Front Dispatch, Shuttle Bus Driver, Etc.  

  1. Press the blue SAVE button to confirm your selections
  2. If you make a mistake, please use the Schedule Change Form to let us know what to delete

NOTE: A training calendar will be available shortly and you will be able to indicate your training days in a similar fashion.



12/10/2022 – Program Opens

1/26-29/2023 – Bob Stubbs Warriors in Motion Learn to Ski & Ride Event (if volunteering, you must be available for all 3 days on snow)

3/11/2023 – Ralph Hartman Tribute Cup

3/12/2023 – Program Ends