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ASF in the NYC Marathon: Matt Mayor

Six runners are representing and raising money for the Adaptive Sports Foundation by participating in the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5. We had a Q & A with one of our runners, Matt Mayor, that we would like to share with everyone! Please consider donating to Matt’s fundraising page by clicking here.

ASF: Matt, How old were you when you first started running and what did you like most about it?
MM: I started running because of sports in middle school, but I was never a huge fan. I like running now because I’m alone with my thoughts and can destress while processing things. 
ASF: What inspired you to pursue the NYC marathon and why did you choose to run for the ASF?
MM: Saw my step dad run an ultra race in Colorado and thought I should try something like that, this was back in 2014 so it took some time. I grew up skiing and have a small disability on my arm that has gotten in the way of some sports, and the ASF removes boundaries for people with disabilities which stuck out to me.
ASF: What’s your go-to running playlist/song?
MM: All pop punk (The Story so Far, Blink 182, etc.).
ASF: What’s the best meal or snack you like to eat after a long run?
MM: I like a chicken sandwich, salad, barbecue chips, and lemonade!
ASF: Do you have a “running buddy?” If so, how do they impact your run?
MM: I tend to stick with running groups every now and then. In NYC, running groups are plentiful and a great experience. Shoutout to the Fort Greene Runners (@FortGreeneRunners)!
ASF: Tell us about your training regimen. What did you do to prepare for the marathon? 
MM: Morning runs are my favorite.
ASF: What are you looking forward to the most on marathon race day?
MM: I look forward to being surrounded by family and friends and running for a great cause. 
ASF: What is your favorite thing to do in the city? 
MM: I like to walk, bike, and just get lost in Brooklyn.
Good luck Matt, and thank you for fundraising and supporting the Adaptive Sports Foundation!