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Slide4Life and Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  Our Race Team members have already begun to make strides towards a better 2012 by following the goals defined in the Slide4Life program.  Slide4Life is a four-pillared program that encourages participants to develop good fitness and nutrition habits and meshes with the ASF’s mission. ASF is working together with […]

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Ready, set, GO!

What do you get when you mix a 15 year old teenager, a 50 something old lady,  a ton of baggage, and an overnight flight to Munich? One exceptionally LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG day. The boarding passes are printed, the bags and skis are packed, and that’s exactly what Staci and I have to look forward to tomorrow.  […]

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Adaptive Yoga for Any Body

“You’re not going to catch me trying to wrap my foot around my head.” “Yoga? No way. I don’t bend like that.” “Me? Do yoga? You’ve got to be kidding.” These are some typical comments people make when presented with the opportunity to practice yoga. However, in the last few years people of varying ages, […]

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