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Bobby McMullen, Avid Mountain Bike Rider and Winter Paralympian, Promotes Adaptive Sports at the World Cup Mountain Bike Finals at Windham Mountain

Bobby McMullen, a visually impaired athlete, came to the World Cup Mountain BikeFinals at Windham in August to ride and increase awareness of adaptive sports. Bobby rides with his good friend and “ride guide” Scott Veach, who rides in front of Bobby and calls out obstacles.

Bobby goes off a jump at the UCI World Cup.

“The amateur course was LEGIT to say the least. Veach and I ‘hauled the mail’ all week! Our race run was cut short by a flat. The course was rocky, rooty and slippery,” said Bobby.

Bobby McMullen has survived diabetes, loss of his vision, kidney failure, years of dialysis and two kidney/pancreas transplants. He has broken more bones than he can count. In spite of challenges that would take most people out, Bobby lives life full-on. He is a passionate extreme sport competitor — a tenacious adrenaline junkie who competes alongside fully able racers.

Bobby's passion and love of life are an inspiration!

Bobby delivered an inspiring keynote at the V.I.P. dinner in his down-to-earth friendly manner.He spoke about sport opportunities for people with disabilities and the positive impact of sports on his life.

We were very happy and grateful to have Bobby as our guest and spokesperson at the World Cup Finals. If you want to find out more about Bobby visit or follow him on Facebook.