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Bonnie St. John joins list of Warriors In Motion Supporters

As a part of our online crowdfunding campaign fundraiser for the Warriors In Motion program, we have been fortunate to receive a ton of continued support from high profile names all around the country. We are incredibly fortunate to count Bonnie St. John among some of those supporters. Bonnie has come on board to bring light to our International Women’s Day Initiative!

Despite having her right leg amputated at the age of five, Bonnie went on to accomplish some amazing athletic achievements. She became the first African American woman to win an Olympic medal in skiing, having taken home a silver and two bronzes in the 1984 games.

Since her time on the slopes,  she has become the author of 6 books, a keynote speaker, a radio and television personality and former director of Human Capital issues for the Clinton Administration.  All of her achievement has led NBC to name her to their list of 5 most inspirational women!

In addition to the amazing things Bonnie has done with her professional life, she is also a coach for disabled ski racers at the Adaptive Sports Foundation. She has shown incredible passion and is an inspiration to both the warrior and women communities.

“I am thrilled to support International Women’s Day because having more women in sports, science, government, and business translates into more women in leadership and decision making roles.  Hillary Clinton once said to me and my daughter: “Talent is universal, opportunity is not.”  We need to develop women’s talent and open doors for them so that we can solve the globe’s most challenging problems together.” – Bonnie St. John

In support of the women warrior community, Bonnie has been so kind to donate 15 signed copies of her book ” How Great Women Lead.” Please visit our fundraising page on Indiegogo in order to get a signed copy of her book!

Thank you for your support!