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“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

At the ASF our participants’ accomplishments come in all shapes, sizes and happen on a variety of timelines.

Matthew Colella, a four tracker skier with Cerebral Palsy has been skiing with the ASF for over 15 years.  He started as all skiers do, on the beginner slopes.  He began skiing with poles, but it soon became evident that Matt’s legs needed help.  Matt switched to outriggers and became a 4Tracker.  Matt’s skiing improved almost immediately.

As Matt’s passion and love for skiing grew, he set his sights on joining the ASF Race Team.  To join, Matt would need to be able to become an independent skier. He would have to learn to navigate the slopes mainly without assistance.   So Matt set his goal, to join the ASF Race Team.

Matt conquering Wicked!

Fast forward to 2021, Matt has been a member of the Adaptive Race Team for many seasons now and he has set and accomplished many goals since making the Race Team.  However, one goal has eluded him for a few seasons, tackling the black diamond trail, Wicked.  And then, the snowflakes aligned and Matt had one of those perfect days on Saturday, February 27.  Matt finally conquered Wicked……….  Many thanks to his coach that day, Brendan Gallagher, for capturing Matt’s confidence!

Congratulations to Matt for persevering, keeping his eye on the prize and accomplishing his goal.  Knowing Matt, he already has a new goal for next season and we have no doubt he will accomplish it and many more.

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