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Getting Enough Exercise?

With ski season winding down, you are probably starting to ramp up your training preparing yourself for your summer activities. Just in case you are wondering if you’re getting enough exercise, I thought I’d give you the exercise recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine. These are not specific to any particular sport; they’re just recommendations for the general population for good overall health, assuming you have no particular health risks and your doctor approves.

Frequency: 3-5 days per week
Intensity: 57%-94% of maximum heart rate (commonly 220 minus age)
Time: 20-90 minutes
Do activities you enjoy, like walking or biking, using your larger muscles in a continuous, rhythmic way.

Muscular Strength
Frequency: 2-3+ days per week
Intensity: 2-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions per set, with rest of 2-3 minutes between sets, at 60%-80% of your one-rep maximum
Time: Up to one hour
Move your joints through a full range of motion at a controlled speed, emphasizing major muscle groups.

Frequency: 2-3+ days per week
Intensity: To mild discomfort
Time: 15-60 seconds for each of 3-4 repetitions
Warm up first, and use static, slow dynamic or assisted stretches.

What do you think? Are you getting enough exercise? If not, make a plan, seek guidance, and start slowly. If you are getting enough exercise, start to consider sport-specific training, emphasizing functional movements for your summer sport and skiing and snowboarding. Be well!