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Mountain biking…the ASF way

By Chris Brower, ASF Program Supervisor

The end of August brings the ASF’s Warriors in Motion mountain bike program to an end.  Throughout this exceptionally hot and rainy summer, a courageous group of veterans learned the skills of mountain biking and many were able to go from beginners to competent riders who all accomplished many personal goals along the way.  The group enjoyed the Elm Ridge trails in East Windham, spent many hours shredding the old German resorts of Round Top and tested their skills at the Windham Mountain Resort Bike Park.  This summer I’ve been especially inspired by the never quit, never complain and always do it with a smile attitude of one particular veteran, David Snypes.  David is a retired Army Specialist who has limited use of his left arm.  He has demonstrated how he continued to overcome his injury with an unrivaled determination and one of the biggest smiles under a helmet!  Check out the videos to see how Dave and other veterans rolled with ASF this summer.