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Ski and ride off snow…wait what?

In 2018, Ford Motor Company donated a Sky Tech Sport ski and snowboard simulator to the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF).  The ASF has partnered up with Windham Mountain Resort (WMR) to bring this unique opportunity to the Windham community.  As part of WMR’s mountainside patio renovation, the ski and snowboard simulator will be located steps away from the brand new Umbrella Bar, a European-inspired bar that offers a climate controlled versatile aprés environment.

The Sky Teach Sport ski and snowboard simulator is a machine that fully reproduces the sensation of going down the mountain.  Sounds like science fiction?  It all begins when you step into the bindings in your regular ski or snowboard boots.  Multiple sensors track position of your skis on the slope, your edging angles, and much more.  The simulator knows what you are doing each and every second.  Hidden inside the motion platform of the ski simulator, computer controlled motors generate all the forces and elements of ski technique just as they are.  Specific software creates the exact sensation of skiing and snowboarding, provides the opportunity to ski/ride multiple trails and race courses as well as the ability to adjust snow conditions.  The simulator is a fully immersive, virtual reality environment created by multiple projectors and a huge high resolution panoramic screen.

“The Adaptive Sports Foundation is extremely grateful to the Ford Motor Company for this  generous donation.  We are also very fortunate to have a partner like Windham Mountain Resort who is willing to work with the ASF to help bring this unique opportunity to the Windham community.  It is a win win for all!”   Cherisse Young, ASF Director of Development

A portion of the proceeds of the simulator will benefit the Adaptive Sports Foundation.