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Smooth sailing…almost.

We’ve just returned from dinner and are preparing to hit the slopes tomorrow. It would have been too much to expect for my flights to work out as planned. For the first time, we were trying out having me fly from Albany to meet up with Staci in Newark (her home airport). Yeah, how’d that go? My flight was scheduled to leave Albany at 1 giving me three and a half hours of play. Delayed, delayed again, board half the passengers then take them off, and finally leave at 4:15…Leaving me just enough time to sprint across the concourse to join the boarding line for the flight to Munich. Fortunately that flight was a breeze, especially with a few good movies on my iPad. Our ride up to Hintertux was interesting. You’ve all seen some of the PSAs that discourage texting while driving right? Well picture this; our driver is a left arm amputee who drove at a speed limit that only existed (or didn’t exist) in his mind, all while yelling at the ones who were too slow for his taste AND while answering the phone a bunch of times during the two hour drive. With that said though, I do have to give him a shout out as he somehow finagled (spell check didn’t correct that!) three full size truck vans from the Austrian Ski Team for us to use while we’re here…for free! Bottom line, we have arrived safe and sound and will head out for a day of free skiing tomorrow together with our teammates. Oh, first we sleep! Good night.