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Snow Day

We finish up with our slalom training tomorrow. We had an unplanned day off yesterday as it started snowing Weds night and continued through the day Thursday. On top of that, the fog stuck around to make visibility zero. We got to do a little shopping and then did a CrossFit workout with the coaches. All I can say is I’m really REALLY glad I’ve been x-fitting for the last month or it would’ve totally trashed me.

So I just wanted to talk a bit about the thing that has impressed me the most here in Austria…sanitation. Yes, sanitation, as in bathrooms. To all my fellow germaphobes, you will totally understand why this is so awesome. So you flush the toilet and this little mechanized box thing comes out of the back of the toilet. It lands on the ring and the ring actually starts to revolve, all the while being sanitized by whatever is on the little wand thingy. It is so remarkably cool. There’s a high speed hand dryer that you swipe your hands through and then….then….you get to exit through automatic doors so you don’t have to touch anything. My kind of place! Ok, that’s all the important stuff. We’re skiing a little inconsistently…still having some spacing issues but we ended with two very good runs today. Hopefully that’ll carry over into tomorrow. Sunday we get to go to Soelden to watch the World Cup. More on that after the trip.