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Snowshoeing on Windham Mountain

This week I got to spend two days snowshoeing with Michael, the son of ASF indoor volunteer and hot cocoa queen Pat Bozzone and brother of Race Team coach Mary Bozzone.  Michael walks all day in New York for his job as a messenger, so he was fit and ready to hit the trails on the snowshoes.

Michael and I walked up and down Will Power trail several times, enjoying the blue skies and mountain air while cheering on the beginner skiers and riders on that trail.  After a tour of the Base Lodge we also climbed part way up Wonderama trail  in the afternoon.

Snowshoeing can be a gentle walk or a rigorous workout, it all depends on your pace and terrain.  If you are a skier or rider, it is another way to get out and use your muscle groups in a different way or see the trails from a new angle.












Snowshoeing would also be a good option for a non-skiing parent or friend who is accompanying an ASF student — a great way to earn that afternoon by the fire!  If you are up for a challenge, my favorite place to snowshoe is on lower Wipeout trail, where you can also admire the on slope houses!  I prefer to use my ski poles for balance and wear my regular ski clothes, but snowshoeing can get warm (think aerobic workout!), so layers are key.  More tips for beginner snowshoeing are available here.

To snowshoe at Windham Mountain, a $5 ticket can be purchased at the base lodge.  ASF has six pairs of snowshoes available for student lessons.