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Three Generations of Volunteers

By Mary Alice Teti, ASF Volunteer Trainer & Instructor

Mary Alice, son Peter and dad Jim Beha

I am a life-long Windham skier who got to know ASF through the Carey and Driscoll families. I began as a volunteer instructor when I was in high school, and was joined shortly afterwards by my brothers, Jim and Chris Beha, and my father, Jim Beha, who continues as a volunteer and board member. Recently, my oldest children have also joined ASF as volunteer ski instructors, making us one of the many “three generation” families at ASF.

Holly Teti

Over the years, my time at ASF has added to my life in a variety of ways. As a teen, I appreciated skiing with other young instructors and participants, and sharing my love of the sport with others. My first student was Grant Stubbs, who was at the time a much more aggressive skier than I was, so I’m not sure who was teaching who, but we were both 16 years old and we had a great time singing Phantom of the Opera on the lift. I also learned many lessons in communication and confidence from Bob and Donna Cooperman. Later on, teaching at ASF was a welcome break from my “day job” as a stay at home mom of seven and homeschooler, and I am deeply appreciative to the indoor volunteers who cared for my children so that I could be on snow.

Right now in addition to teaching skiing, I volunteer as an instructor trainer and have been one of the facilitators of the Junior Instructor Program. It is a delight to train the young people who have decided to join our ASF community.

There is something very special which happens at ASF which transcends our love of snowsports. ASF is a community in which people can feel seen, honored and appreciated, whether they come as a participant or a volunteer, and I believe that is why we have volunteers and participants who come back to Windham year after ASF, I can bring a special perspective to the committee.

I know that over the past 37 years many things have changed about ASF, from our location in the lodge to the way that we wrap the tethers up, but I also know that while the logistics may change, the tone of respect for one another and our priorities of safety, fun and learning have remained, and will remain, the hallmarks of the ASF experience.