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Another season in the books

Another season comes to a close…

As we have a moment to regain our bearings here at ASF, I thought it may be prudent to revive our Blog.  We have had the Adaptive Sports Foundation Blog for some time now, and have more often than not underutilized it.

To bring you up to speed, we had another successful winter here in Windham, NY.  Our nearly 300 strong base of volunteers provided almost 3,000 full-day lessons over the course of December – March.

We ended the season on a high note, with beautiful weather for our annual Ralph Hartman Tribute Race.  The race went off without a hitch, and was followed up with some good tunes and the whole gang out tearing up the dance floor.

The end of the season has also brought some big news to the organization.  Cherisse, our executive director, announced this fall that she would be stepping down.  After many months of interviews, the Board of Directors was very pleased to announce Todd Munn to our top leadership position, and he will begin his time officially on April 29th.  The staff has all had an opportunity to meet him, and we are excited to begin this new chapter at ASF.  As many of you know, it truly is like a family here…from the staff, to the volunteers, to the participants.  We all come together to make this place what it is, and we are so pleased to not only be welcoming Todd to our ranks, but also to know that Cherisse will be staying on as the Fundraising and Marketing Director for the time being.

As the summer nears, we are also getting ready to launch into a busy schedule for our Warriors in Motion program.  As a National Program Provider for Wounded Warrior Project, we are always excited for these events.  Out of approximately 18 events that we host for Wounded Warrior Project, only 3 of them are during the winter season.  The other 15 will occur in the coming months.  From golf to paddling…cycling to running a Tough Mudder, we are certainly going to be busy.

I hope to be updating this page more frequently in between events, and I hope you will enjoy reading…If you have a moment to put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, we would love to have some articles to post about your time and experiences here at ASF.  There are some many great stories floating around out there about being out on a lesson, or a conversation had here in the building, or the training session where everything clicked, so feel free to share…you can email me at