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Warriors in Motion Summer Kicks Off with Golf 1

-Saratoga Springs, NY

Last week our Warriors in Motion program officially kicked off for the summer.  A group of 7 wounded warriors attended Golf 1 in Saratoga Springs.  The Adaptive Sports Foundation teams up with the Titleist Performance Institute to deliver a top-notch golf program that aims at developing the warriors through a series of events.  These events culminate on the last day of Golf 3 as the warriors participate in the Adaptive Sports Foundation’s annual golf tournament fundraiser at Ridgewood Country Club.

Nick, an exercise physiologist, James, a physical therapist, and Anders, the PGA golf-pro for Saratoga National teamed up to provide the warriors with a full picture regarding their golf swing.  We discussed the mechanics of the swing as well as how each individual’s mobility issues might affect them.  Each warrior was also given some specific exercises to take home with them to help them develop their swing and adapt to whatever physical challenges they may face.

Despite ordering some good weather for the event, Mother Nature failed to hold up her end of the deal on Wednesday.  The warriors nonetheless enjoyed a tour of the Saratoga Racing Museum, and many spent the afternoon getting to know each other.  One warrior in particular decided to take the weather-induced break as a sign that he should relax…He headed to the spa where he enjoyed a mineral bath that helped put Saratoga Springs on the map long before the horse track was built.

All-in-all the event went off without a hitch, and the warriors are already talking about coming back for Golf 2.  Next up on the calendar is a combined event…Tough Mudder Prep Class and Strength & Conditioning.  The events are starting to line up, and the staff is excited to get the summer rolling.

Stay tuned.

Golf 1-WWP