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ASF in the NYC Marathon: Caroline Taber

Six runners are representing and raising money for the Adaptive Sports Foundation by participating in the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5. We had a Q & A with one of our runners, Caroline Taber, that we would like to share with everyone! Please consider donating to Caroline’s fundraising page by clicking here.

ASF: Caroline, How old were you when you first started running and what did you like most about it?


CT: I first started running really young – probably 6-7 years old as part of my training as a young soccer player! For my whole life, running has been part of my conditioning and training for the other sports that I’ve played. This is my first time focusing on and considering myself a true “runner”!


ASF: What inspired you to pursue the NYC marathon and why did you choose to run for the ASF?


CT: I was inspired to pursue the NYC marathon firstly by my time living here in NYC for medical school – I’ve grown such a strong love for the people and the city during my time here learning medicine. I chose to run for ASF because as someone who had sports make such a large impact on my life I wanted to run for and with a group who had the same core beliefs as me: that everyone deserves an opportunity to play sports. 


ASF: What’s your go-to running playlist/song?


CT: My go-to song right now is Chasing the Sun by The Wanted. 


ASF: What’s the best meal or snack you like to eat after a long run?


CT: Chocolate chip pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs (from Clinton St. Baking Co. or from Community Food and Juice)!


ASF: Do you have a “running buddy?” If so, how do they impact your run?


CT: Yes! I run with Kathryn, one of my good friends at medical school. She brings a smile and energy to every run that keeps us going! 


ASF: Tell us about your training regimen. What did you do to prepare for the marathon? 


CT: My training regimen has consisted of runs 4-5x per week with core/strength training 1-2x per week. I also like to work in other fun activities I enjoy, such as hiking or rock climbing! Usually, myself and my running buddies do our long runs on Saturdays followed by a brunch wherever we end up! 


ASF: What are you looking forward to the most on marathon race day?


CT: Hugging my friends and family at the end! 


ASF: What is your favorite thing to do in the city? 


CT: I love to try some of NYC’s amazing restaurants, walk the High Line, visit Little Island, and stroll in Central Park! 


Good luck Caroline, and thank you for fundraising and supporting the Adaptive Sports Foundation!