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ASF in the NYC Marathon: Erin Connors

Six runners are representing and raising money for the Adaptive Sports Foundation by participating in the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5. We had a Q & A with one of our runners, Erin Connors, that we would like to share with everyone! Please consider donating to Erin’s fundraising page by clicking here.

ASF: Hi Erin! How old were you when you first started running and what did you like most about it?


EC: Before starting to train this summer for the NYC marathon I hadn’t run more than seven miles! I used to swear I wasn’t a distance runner. I grew up playing field sports and played Field Hockey at Fairfield University in college, so I liked my runs to be short and sweet! But I am shocked to say that through the training I have really learned to love running. I really like the time I have to reflect with no distractions. There is something really calming about throwing on headphones and going out for a run after a long day of work! 


ASF: What inspired you to pursue the NYC marathon and why did you choose to run for the ASF?


EC: My sister Courtney has run two NYC Marathons! When we saw her at Mile 18 last year, the look of joy and excitement on her face inspired me! She just seemed to be having such a good time doing a hard thing. I have heard the energy of the NYC Marathon is unmatched, so it felt like something I had to do as a New Yorker! I chose to run with ASF because I grew up skiing and riding at Windham Mountain. I just hit 15 years working for the mountain as part of the seasonal snowboard program. I grew up seeing some amazing people go through ASF including one of my close friends, Staci Mannella. It was so awesome to see her growth through ASF to Sochi and Pyeongchang! I have also been involved with the ASF Young Professionals group in the past.


ASF: What’s your go-to running playlist/song?


EC: I always end my runs with “99 Red Ballons” by Goldfinger. I’m not sure why but it’s been that way since college! During my long runs though I love listening to an audio book…usually a thriller of some sort. 
ASF: What’s the best meal or snack you like to eat after a long run?


EC: A Bagel or the biggest sandwich I can find! 🙂 


ASF: Do you have a “running buddy?” If so, how do they impact your run?


EC: My sister, Courtney! She has been training for the Berlin Marathon which is a few weeks before NYC. It has been nice that a bunch of our runs have lined up with similar distances (she usually had to go longer – so it worked out in my favor!). We also had an, “emotional support biker” during a lot of our runs, which was either my Mom or my Dad. They would carry water and be there for general motivation. I remember my first “long” run of eight miles, which seemed crazy to me at the time, was in the pouring rain and my mom biked with me the whole time! Thanks Mom! 


ASF: Tell us about your training regimen. What did you do to prepare for the marathon? 


EC: I have been following a training plan that my sister had (there’s a trend here with my sister). As well as bugging my cousins Jay and Aileen for coaching who are super runners! Aileen is training for the Chicago Marathon, trying to break a 2 hour and 30 minute time…insane! I also have a great relationship with my Athletic Trainer from field hockey in college, Mark Ayotte, so most weeks consist of me sending him information on some sort of ailment that has come up…usually a picture of a blister or something along those lines (poor guy). Preparing for a marathon takes a team! So many people have helped me along the way with Training!
ASF: What are you looking forward to the most on marathon race day?


EC: Seeing all of my friends and family along the course! 
ASF: What is your favorite thing to do in the city? 


EC: I lived and worked in the city for four years and now I live in Jersey City! In Jersey City I am loving running along the water with the view of NYC it is gorgeous! In NYC, I love anywhere that has live music (Banc on Sunday Nights is always fun! Some of their Bands also play at Union and Post in Windham during the winter!) or I always suggest people take the commuter ferry from 34th street down the East River. It’s such a pretty ride! 


Good luck Erin, and thank you for fundraising and supporting the Adaptive Sports Foundation!