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ASF’s Multi-Sport Summer Camps Come to a Close

WINDHAM, N.Y. – Over the past two weeks, the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) has hosted two Multi-Sport Summer Camps, bringing in a total of 11 participants for two four-day camps filled with fun outdoor activities. The camps took place on August 16-19 and August 23-26.

Each camp session’s schedules were similar, as the campers enjoyed outdoor and lake activities at CD Lane Park in Maplecrest, an afternoon at Christman’s Windham House for golf instruction and both camps wrapped up with a visit to Heidi Ruehlmann’s alpaca farm, located in Prattsville.

CD Lane Park boasts a variety of fun attractions such as a playground, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, volleyball nets, walking trails and its popular 26-acre lake and accompanying beach. The ASF Campers utilized all these amenities, as each session had a day dedicated to team-sport activities and a day for kayaking with a volunteer lifeguard on hand.

Christman’s Windham House hosted the program for one afternoon during each of the sessions, allowing participants to spend some time on its driving range and practice green. This gave the campers an opportunity to learn proper golf skills and techniques.

The trip to the alpaca farm was introduced at last year’s camp, and the participants enjoyed it so much that Ruehlmann agreed to host the campers again this year. Her, along with Frank Cabrera, a volunteer regularly seen at the ASF’s Adaptive Skateboard Camp and the caretaker of the farm, allowed the ASF campers to feed and interact with the tranquil animals on the final day of each camp session. That entailed the participants holding a piece of fruit or some oats and showing the alpacas, who then would come over and take them right out of their hands. It was truly a unique experience for the campers.

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